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For many, a kitchen is not just a place where you can cook food, but often a place where you want to relax after a hard day’s work or where friends and relatives are invited. Therefore, apartment owners are trying to arrange this room as original, stylish and beautiful as possible. Designers are invited to create an impressive interior, ultramodern and modern materials and furniture is purchased.

However, behind all the confusion, the issue of the safety of certain construction components is completely forgotten. And this is not a joke at all, there are a large number of elements that are released into the air and harm the health of all households, so you should choose only environmentally friendly materials for the kitchen, which ones we will tell in this article. We propose to consider each element of the interior separately.


Despite the fact that now there are quite a few options for processing the ceiling: hemmed, suspended, suspended ceilings, ceilings made of decorative plates and others, only a few options are really safe. This is a chalky whitewash, water-based paint and wood panels. Pay attention to the fact that all your favorite stretch ceilings are made on the basis of PVC, which is generally not recommended for use in residential areas since this material emits toxic substances.



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Especially popular in the repair of kitchens in recent years has become the idea of combining a living room and kitchen. This layout is very convenient when receiving guests. But in order to perform redevelopment, move the sink, stove, hood, the necessary coordination of the relevant services. By signing a contract to repair the kitchen with our company, you will save yourself from adventures in various instances with signatures of responsible persons.

The creation of a modern kitchen is the design of a whole room that will respond to modern trends with tremendous domestic speeds and daily workload, and will also be spacious, cozy and Eco-friendly. Fortunately, this century allows you to create any kitchen for every taste. How not to get lost in endless combinations of colors and styles? To answer this question, you need to disassemble each parameter separately, from the combination of which you get a modern kitchen.


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Some important and useful things everyone should know about when getting down to kitchen renovation

The kitchen in any house or apartment is a room with unusual features. In fact, unlike, say, a living room or a bedroom, a kitchen is both a workplace and a good place to rest.

That’s true. Each of us knows how nice it is to gather in the kitchen with our friends or family members and talk about something interesting in private in the evenings. Kitchen is a great way to restore our strength quickly when we don’t feel well after a hard day’s work.

One fine day you decided to renovate your kitchen. Is it as simple as you think now?

shutterstock 184931876 Kitchen Renovation ManhattanWhat renovation do you need?

Answer the simple question “What type of renovation do I need?” Are you going to just refresh and decorate the look of your rooms by changing, say, wallpaper or adding a few decorative elements to the interior? Are you going to radically change your home by installing new windows and doors, changing flooring and the like?

It goes without saying that a radical change in living conditions requires a significant expenditure of finances, time and effort. Moreover, a number of works require specific knowledge and extensive experience which you are most unlikely to have.

In other words, you have to hire a highly skilled worker or even a team of highly qualified workers.  Of course, this fact increases the renovation cost, but ensures the high quality of work that you expect.

We build2 500x375 Kitchen Renovation ManhattanWhat is the sequence of your actions when renovating?

Any renovation includes a number of typical stages. Here are the main ones:

  • Creating a renovation project.
  • Calculating the renovation cost.
  • Purchasing construction materials and specific equipment.
  • Renovating your home.
  • Cleaning your home, including post-construction waste removal.
  • Come up with a beautiful design for your home

Of course, the renovation should be based on your ideas, tastes and wishes. Before getting down to renovation, it is important for you to initially realize what you have to ultimately get and what your home will look like after the renovation. Will it match what you initially expect?

You can draw a sketch of your future home or model your home in a contemporary design program. Then create a renovation project based on your design.

What does a common renovation project include?

  • Works schedule.
  • List of required building materials.
  • List of required works.
  • List of necessary equipment.

Divide the renovation into some stages. Think about who will do the renovation. Will you be able to do everything on your own or with friends? Maybe you should invite professionals from third-party construction firms to competently complete all the renovation works or just a number of the most difficult stages?

Calculate the cost of the upcoming renovation. Naturally, the renovation should be within your budget. If the renovation cost exceeds your budget, then adjust the project by changing the construction materials, their quantity as well as works.

Using special design programs is the fastest and most reliable way to calculate your renovation costs and adjust them if necessary. Today, you can find a lot of estimated and construction programs on the Internet, some of which are free.

paint3 Kitchen Renovation ManhattanWhen are you going to start renovating?

In terms of the renovation cost, the most appropriate time for renovation is winter, when prices of construction materials and equipment fall and, besides, many construction companies offer significant discounts on their services and products.

This way, if you can postpone the renovation until winter, you are bound to save a considerable amount of your money.

Some useful renovation tips
  1. Renovate your apartment or house in some stages. One stage as a general rule includes the renovation of some part of the apartment, say, a room. In this case, you can use other rooms for cooking, eating, relaxing, and storing building materials and equipment.
  2. First of all renovate the most remote rooms and then all the other rooms, gradually moving toward the entrance to the house. So, you protect the already repaired rooms from possible damages when renovating other rooms.
  3. First of all do the most difficult and noisy works associated with a lot of dust or dirt, such as welding, metal cutting, grinding, drilling and so forth.

Then do less difficult works, such as wallpapering, painting, whitewashing and so forth. The last stage ordinarily includes cleaning works, such as cleaning windows, brushing floors and the like.

  1. Inside the room, do your work from the top down. In other words, first whitewash or paint the ceiling, then paint the walls, and finally change the flooring. This way, you protect the already renovated parts of the room from possible damage.
  2. Getting down to renovation, you should not remove furniture from the room, especially heavy furniture. The easiest way to protect it from possible damages is to move it to the center of the room and wrap it in plastic sheeting. Remove furniture from the room only if your furniture is very expensive.

Following the above simple tips, you are certain to renovate your home quickly and efficiently and the high results of your work will allow you to live in the cozy home for many years to come.

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Wooden kitchen repair

No matter how fast-paced progress progresses, whatever new high-tech building and finishing materials will appear, and there is always a place for natural raw materials in our interiors. Eco-materials that are safe for people and the environment have become increasingly common in modern kitchen space designs. After all, nothing can replace the natural warmth of this tree. Not only in suburban households, but also within the city premises, designers from all over the world use wood for the manufacture of furniture, the facing of various surfaces, the production of decorative elements and accessories.

Easy kitchen renovation

Any repair, regardless of whether the object is an apartment or a private house, requires a significant investment of money. The kitchen deserves special attention in residential buildings: it should be beautiful, clean and fresh here, so it is important to make a choice in the direction of practical and sturdy materials. How to organize an inexpensive kitchen renovation so that the quality of the coating is not affected? In this case, it is important to show quick wittedness by making a choice in favor of simplicity, low cost, safety, and functionality.

Small kitchen renovation in the galley

Even the smallest kitchen can seem more spacious if you think carefully about the layout and color scheme that you plan to use. It has long been known that the repair of the kitchen, made with the use of light, pastel colors and white color, will make it possible to achieve a feeling of spaciousness and lightness even in a very modest room.

Our specialists will be happy to help you and help you think through a design that fits perfectly into the interior of your apartment and displays your preferences.

Classic kitchen renovation

Classic never gets old, does not lose its relevance and is always a sign of refined taste. That is why the classic-style kitchen is a simple but at the same time intelligent solution that allows you to combine such important properties of the room as practicality, style, and comfort.

Quick kitchen renovation

Repair and decoration of the kitchen must begin with the creation, at least an elementary project. In the project, consider re-planning the kitchen (if you need it), reflect how you will have a working and dining area of the kitchen.

Visually plan the placement of household appliances you need in the kitchen (electric stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, as well as small household appliances). This will be necessary for drawing up the wiring diagram in the kitchen.

Choose and order furniture for the working area of the kitchen. Typically, furniture manufacturers make a kitchen furniture layout plan with a kitchen electrical outlet layout.

After choosing the furniture you will have a plan for its arrangement, which means you will know where the sockets for household appliances are located. Now you can make the wiring diagram of your kitchen.


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Modern kitchen, equipped with functional appliances, made in a laconic style, practical, reliable and impressive in appearance the dream of any hostess. In many ways, it makes the kitchen as such – the right choice of furniture for the kitchen. The fashion for corner sofas and bulky facades has already passed, now designers prefer clear lines and practical furniture.

Modern technologies allow realizing the most daring design fantasies. However, in pursuit of originality, the most important thing is not to forget about security, this issue is especially acute for the kitchen because many people prepare food and spend most of their time. We strongly recommend choosing only environmentally friendly materials for the kitchen.